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My Eyes Burn From These Tears [entries|friends|calendar]
Misty 2 Dope

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[20 Aug 2005|11:29am]
[ mood | chipper ]

ok here's my new livejournal, and it's friends only..i have an application on there but since you all know me already you don't have to do it.


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god send me an angel, from the heaven's above [20 Aug 2005|10:37am]
[ mood | blah ]

i've been gone a while but i'm back, and with a long entry, hence the lj cut.


too much shit in so little time.Collapse )

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anyone for some u2? [07 Aug 2005|05:57pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

went to this party for my stepfather's job, it was okay I guess. They had this raffle thing and I actually won something. I had the choice between 2 cds..Stevie Wonder and U2...not much of a choice huh? lol but anyways I went with U2 (its only a single's cd) and now I'm thinking I shoulda got Stevie Wonder, lol..I have only in my whole life liked one U2 song *beautiful day* and that's it...so if anyone likes the song *city of blinding lights* you can have this when school starts back up.

we played some putt putt golf, which i really dislike but played anyways lol...i got second place out of the 5 of us, so surprised about that lol

hm, and yes..i'm getting messed with again. ok guys, just cuz you live in the same state as me doesn't mean you have a better chance at dating me! I hate losers like that...

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[07 Aug 2005|10:17am]
[ mood | cranky ]


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[07 Aug 2005|09:51am]
[ mood | nerdy ]

I have somehow come to the conclusion that either A)mark has been pretending to be whitemageziz or B) they are working together...here are my reasons why I believe it is Mark.

1)they both spell I am Iam
2)they both have icons from the same place that only those icons can be found
3)i looked for whitemagezizi's myspace and it just so happens to appear when Mark says he found it
4)Mark has a walmart connection(but his profile says he has AOL), whitemageziz does not, therefore you can be on AIM and AOL instant messenger at once without worrying about signing on at the same time which looks obvious for a linked screen name.
5)we know Mark as a huge liar and he loves to do stupid pranks. this may be his best one of all.
6)mark has yet to prove to me its not him, all he has said is that he wouldn't call Brittany Housden a tramp, but technically he didn't. whitemagezizi did, so that leaves him clean.
7)when it says they are typing they are both typing at different times.

does anyone see the same shit I do? something is fishy.

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[06 Aug 2005|03:36pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

You're CRAZY! You know WAY TOO MUCH about Johnny
the Homicidal Maniac! You probably have
memorized all the quotes, and every single
thing in the backround! If I didn't know
better, I'd say you were Jhonen, but then, even
Jhonen probably doesn't know as much about his
own comics as you do! You're as close to a
stalker as they get, and now I'm just gonna
back away slowly and hope you don't come after
me.... either you have amazingly scary
observational skills or you cheated and looked
at the comics!!!

How Well Do You Know Johnny The Homicidal Maniac? (INTENSELY HARD)
brought to you by Quizilla

holy crap, i got the same thing as Sarah..and i haven't read JTHM in a while...who thinks its rigged? lol I was so lost on like 7 of those questions, I knew all the die-ary ones cuz i loved those <3 but most of the other ones, jeezy peezy

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[06 Aug 2005|09:28am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

hm..well, i talked to my parents about tiff's bday and they said those awful words "we'll see" they never give me a straight answer! but i hope i can go, i wanna see brittany :) and i wanna see mel's hair lol and of course hang with Tiff, duh! lol

being on hallsofillusions.com has me thinking alot...are all the juggalos and juggalettes the same? it seems like it, i swear...if you read 5 profiles guaranteed they all have something in common and usually its the weed leaf ascii art. but i swore I read that being a ninja means being yourself..don't they realize that just makes them look like a juggaho.

oh yes, and here's a treat*by the way, i dont look at ass hair, i'm using the abe lincoln tactics*
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: i dont know if mark told you this but..we both have seen better looking ass hair
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: i'm sorry...
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: i just had to tell you the truth
WhiteMageZiZi: You look at ass hair?
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: yes i do
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: and i just have to say, they are better looking
WhiteMageZiZi: Your face is your ass, what?
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: actually i can talk with my ass so you can say that
WhiteMageZiZi: no wonder your so ugly
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: yeah i know, i wish i was better looking. then maybe i'll have guys who whip out their cocks for me like you do
WhiteMageZiZi: maybe we can start a chat and we can all talk
WhiteMageZiZi: you and your little friends
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: no, they have lives, i really don't. that's why i'm wasting my time with you, but they dont wanna talk to you
WhiteMageZiZi: oh, you can't join chats
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: yes i can
WhiteMageZiZi: you have a sucky computer
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: i have linked screen names, this is my other one
WhiteMageZiZi: wow
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: my main one is thegawthikgirl
WhiteMageZiZi: how cool
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: i am cool
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: thanks
WhiteMageZiZi: your so far away from hot thats all i can say
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: yeah, i'm closer to sexy
WhiteMageZiZi: sexy for a pigs ass
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: haha yes, pigs find me attractive too
WhiteMageZiZi: I know they think your one of them
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: no, as a matter of fact they don't
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: you realize that name calling is for 3 year olds right?
WhiteMageZiZi: moo
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: you aren't very intelligent
WhiteMageZiZi: as people who are no good at it say
WhiteMageZiZi: itty biity titty girl
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: no, for people who are more intelligent and don't waste their time with stupid little names, and yes i have small titties but my boyfriend likes them and that's all that matters
**Then she warns me because she's so badass**
**then she talks more shit about having a bf and liking girls and blah blah blah**

ok guys, i pretended i'm still with joey because she doesn't know that we have been broken up for like a fuckin month now

WhiteMageZiZi: Oh Joey, he doesn't love me cos Iam a fat ugly pig
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: he thinks i'm beautiful actually
WhiteMageZiZi: not by what I've read
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: and the sex was great
WhiteMageZiZi: I know Joey
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: you do not
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: what's his last name then?
WhiteMageZiZi: like you have ever had sex
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: many times
WhiteMageZiZi: sure
WhiteMageZiZi: and my name is joey w.
WhiteMageZiZi: We've talked
WhiteMageZiZi: Iam a good friend of his
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: i've said joey w. on my lj, what's the W stand for?
WhiteMageZiZi: Wegner
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: nice try, but no
WhiteMageZiZi: excuse me?
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: its not Wegner
WhiteMageZiZi: you have two bfs then
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: no, you just have the last name wrong
WhiteMageZiZi: he live over in front royal I believe
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: haha actually he doesn't
WhiteMageZiZi: he lives somewhere up there
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: no, try somewhere in harrisonburg
WhiteMageZiZi: close enough
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: not really, no
WhiteMageZiZi: closer than Pulaski
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: yeah, i know...good guessing liar
WhiteMageZiZi: you cannot except the fact that he doesn't love you
WhiteMageZiZi: Yes, i know him not I just asked your little friend
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: he does love me,he told me so...and he's told me every time we've had sex right before the climax
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: its the best feeling
WhiteMageZiZi: yes a guy will do anything for sex
WhiteMageZiZi: so you are a slut?
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: it was passionate, not slutty
WhiteMageZiZi: how many guys have you had sex with?
WhiteMageZiZi: did your gay friends have sex with you to?
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: just joey
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: and no my gay friends didn't
WhiteMageZiZi: whats there names?
WhiteMageZiZi: Kara and Mark?
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: first of all, her name is Cara, and she's not gay
WhiteMageZiZi: was it a 3 some?
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: and second, Mark isn't gay either
WhiteMageZiZi: are you gay
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: i'm bisexual
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: sorry
WhiteMageZiZi: you know what
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: what
WhiteMageZiZi: you are so immature
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: i am?
WhiteMageZiZi: using my screename
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: look at you, wasting your time with name calling
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: i didnt use your screen name
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: Mark did
WhiteMageZiZi: you thought I wouldn't notice the i had an L?
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: i wouldn't waste my time
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: i didn't do that, mark did
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: yeah no shit
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: its not me tho
WhiteMageZiZi: is that the gay one who did it?
WhiteMageZiZi: your all gay
WhiteMageZiZi: yall all sit up in little tree houses and have sex
UnLuCkYcHaRm27: i've had enough of your stupid little games, i'm tired of wasting my time with a 5 year old that has no intelligence and has to use words like "gay" and "poopie head" goodbye

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[04 Aug 2005|07:34pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

grrr its hot in this house!

grrr Kim hasn't called me

grrr I need more friends

grrr school starts soon

hey, i got a question? does anyone know when we get schedules for school or if we already have them? and the school supply list cuz i have no effing clue what I need. same as last year? which i dont remember lol

echoside..that's where i'm at..you wouldn't understand just move along


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you dont know what's terrible!! [03 Aug 2005|06:51pm]
[ mood | blah ]

dyed my hair, so its red now. yay!

kim hasn't called me back in a while, and Joey hasn't called my stepfather so grrrrrr!(doesn't it suck that i can't talk to joey until he talks to my stepfather, shit) this sucks so bad! lol I miss talking to him, he amuses me. lol

i'm bored! grrrrr bored bored fuckin bored

someone talk to me! shit...everyone is never on AIM anymore because obviously they have lives but I don't and I need someone to talk to! I practically live on my computer, bleh! I'm looking for a job so I don't spend my life glued to this piece of shit. grr, can't wait till i'm 16...september 20th! woo! so close! :)

ooh the song I'm listening to is awesome. It's about problems the world has and how people pay attention to some of them, but not all of them. my fav part:

(Shaggy 2 Dope)
The country we live in was built by slaves
Beat down and murdered and stuffed in they graves
You put a slave owner on a one dollar bill
And you wanna know why I kill people!!!!

(Violent J)
Bombs are blowin up cops are corrupt
And all ya care about is who the President fucked!
You don't know terrible, you will
As soon as our wagons come over the hill!

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[02 Aug 2005|06:29pm]
today sucked. i think i'm gonna delete my account on hallsofillusions.com...people are such assholes there. so I put a pic up of me, does that mean every man and their father needs to whip out their cocks and ask for cyber sex? hell no..they need to leave me alone, i swear. why is the internet so sex obsessed these days, porn is everywhere,...its disgusting. how desperate can you get that you have to fuck over the internet? do you actually feel that? i cant feel a thing lol

well that's enough rambling...bleh
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ross is gone [01 Aug 2005|12:51pm]
I just found the new puppy dead in the back porch...why? he was fine yesterday...jesus *sigh* he fell off my mom's bed and then started shitting blood...we thought maybe it was just that he got sick and it was just shit so my mother put a pamper on him and put him in the back porch. this morning he was gone...stiff as a board. I tried to check his pulse and everything...nothing...*sigh* I've never seen a dead dog before, it scared the fuck out of me.

well i have to go...i'll update later
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MY 2 JOKER CARDS! [31 Jul 2005|07:11pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

I'm so happy!!!!!!!!! I HAVE 2 JOKER CARDS! 4 MORE TO GO! THEN I GET THE CALM!!!

yes, I got "The Great Milenko" and "The amazing Jeckel Brothers" cds!!!!!!!! YES YES YES!! FUCK YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol i'm so happy! *dances* I actually wanted "riddlebox" so bad but Plan 9 didn't have it so fuck them...I still got the other 2 joker cards and they have the calm there and hell's pit is another one I need...um...yay! lol i'm so happy! yes woo! lol

also went to golden corral (sp?) to eat...yay....and uh...went to play pool...boring, blah....only good thing about today is my joker cards, all i care about! woo woo woo woo fucking wooo

I Live For The Carnival! I Die For The Carnival!

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[31 Jul 2005|09:35am]
[ mood | giving ]

i noticed some of you like ICP now, from what you've heard off my livejournal...so merry xmas bitch, here's the link to like a shitload of their stuff!


dl slim anus and nothin but a bitch thang if you hate eminem, cuz its funny as fuck. funniest thing, at the end of "nothin but a bitch thang" he was like "hitler ass hair cut" and if you look at it, sorta does look like a hitler ass haircut lmao

have fun juggalos and juggalettes!

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[30 Jul 2005|02:35pm]
[ mood | amused ]

i thought this was flippin funny cuz it reminds me of Mark, since he works at wal-mart..its twiztid bitches (another artist on psychopathic records, like ICP)..i thought it was funny counting the number of fucks and fuckings in it. hahahh I got 8.


I ain't got no weed
My Parents hate me
These kids at school want to kick my ass
I just got fired from my job
(Now I ain't got no fucking money, FUCK WAL-MART!),
My girlfriend dumped me for my best friend
(Fucking backstabbing cunt!),
Man, fuck both of them
If I had a car, I would go over there right now,
and bash their fucking heads in
Nobody wants to hang out with me cause I'm a Juggalo
I guess I embarass everybody and that's my fault
Well fuck all of you!
Fuck you, fuck you, and FUCK YOU!
I hate you mother fuckers!
Can't even stand to look at myself in the mirror anymore...

um in other news, life has sucked much more balls lately...for different reasons, but i'm glad I have my family, not the ones that are here that make me feel like shit, but my juggalo family...especially Kevin, he helps me through so much...i love my juggalo family especially him! xoxoxox

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[29 Jul 2005|08:22pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

i wanna try faygo, like really bad..everyone says how good it is...*sigh* it's like nowhere around here though..and its expensive on the internet cuz of the whole "ICP sprays it all over their fans at shows" thing..so if you go on like ebay its like $19.95 for 6 2 liters and my friend said he got 2 liters for $0.50..which should mean they amount to $3.00, doesn't it? grrrr..now i'm mad! stupid ebay should die!

oh yeah, so I tried listening to other music besides ICP today and so i changed it to HIM...my ears had to adjust,haha. my ears were like "what's this? i recognize this sound..oh my! that's HIM" lol

yeah, i'm weird. *hides the dead body*

oh yeah! Kim called today and told me that Joey...get ready for this guys...loves me! *throws head back in laughter* as cute as I think that is..how come he couldn't tell me this himself? grr men these days...

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[29 Jul 2005|02:21pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

OMG i found the song that got me into ICP! I had no clue what it was called or anything and I found it! haha it's so awesome..It's called "play with me" off of the amazing jeckel brother's cd... I remember listening to it in Joey's car and was like "wtf are you letting my brother's listen to?" haha it was funny though, it's like the coolest effin song ever. not many bad words in it, not like most of their songs lol

Why don't you come play with me
and take me to the other side
Most of them are raggedy
It's lonely when you're locked inside

the beat to this song is so creepy, like if you would listen to it really loud when it's dark and rainy outside you'd be freaked out.

if you have a media player then click this to hear it http://mp3.music.lib.ru/mp3/i/icp/icp-10_play_with_me-2.mp3

best song ever..damnit

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[29 Jul 2005|02:08pm]
i hate my schedule, i have to take freakin health assistant and now I dont wanna but...grrr...its too late to change it, oh well, i'll do it anyway..it may be fun..if its not i'll just drop it when I'm able to leave school to go to work..um..yay...yeah...fuck school, i can't believe we're almost going back.
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[29 Jul 2005|01:00pm]
[ mood | awake ]

why i'd rather have a juggalo/juggalette over just a friendCollapse )

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i made you! get them, not me! what a minute muthafucka! [27 Jul 2005|08:17pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

Today was fun! Family went up to Judy's to go swimming. Today was the first time I went swimming all summer, alittle late..isn't it? lol well anyways there was this guy in the next house and he was shaking his ass to rolling stones..that's crazy lol but it was funny. uhm..yeah that's it

so she's dead? does that make you fresher than her?

you're prejudice against dead people!


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[27 Jul 2005|10:23am]
[ mood | chipper ]

I have unbanned everyone except whitemagezizi from posting. Still hate that bitch. so woo

um..anyways. I joined the site hallsofillusions.com and everyone talks to me and it's so cool! because of course when you're a juggalette you're family! MCL right? hell yeah...everyone is so nice! I made 3 new juggalo friends..yeah they happen to be all guys who think i'm gorgeous, woo lol yeah

trick or treat, watch as the dead man walks the street!WELCOME TO THE OTHER SIDE!

i live for the carnival, i die for the carnival!

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